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Re-onboarding 101: Design a Successful Return-to-work Policy

The journey to and from leave is often daunting for most parents, with little to no support from their workplaces. Many employers "wing" the re-onboarding process, just hoping what they provide, or don't, will be enough.

Employers need to stop winging the return-to-work journey and implement a plan, and strategy, to provide the best employee experience. Remember, a happy employee is a loyal employee and their experience on leave will directly impact their decision to turnover, or stay. 

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What is this webinar about?

Alongside expert parent and life coaches, we'll explain the elements of a successful leave process, including a detailed calendar and touch points for before, during, and after leave. 

Who is this webinar for?

80% of employees are or will be parents! A return-to-work policy and strategy will help reduce preventable turnover. We invite all HR leaders, decision makers, ERGs, and employers to attend.

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Stop winging the employee experience and reduce your turnover.

Parento has a 95% return to full-time work rate for parents after leave.

With an affordable paid parental leave solution, there's no reason employers are losing talent or struggling to recruit. 80% of employees are or will be parents and 86% value paid parental leave to remain loyal.

Employers can prevent turnover and save money by investing in family-friendly policies with tangible results. 

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