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Rescue trusts Parento for its employees

Rescue, a creative agency that specializes in social impact campaigns and storytelling, trusts Parento to roll-out seamless, equitable paid parental leave for its employees across 27 states.

Explore how Parento worked with a remote employer to roll-out a paid parental leave program that was equitable for all employees, worked alongside PFL programs in eligible states, and enhanced the employee experience.

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The Client

Rescue, a creative and digital agency specializing in social impact and political campaigns that drive social behavior, with a hybrid team.

The Challenge

Create an equitable and affordable solution for its employees across 27 states, with various access to PFL and other offsets.

The Solution

Explore the results of our suite of products on employee engagement, return-to-work rates, and overall client experience.

See what Parento can do for your organization

95% of Parento parents return to full-time work, that's 30% above average

With an equitable, and affordable, paid parental leave solution, there's no reason employers are losing talent or struggling to recruit. 80% of employees are or will be parents and 86% value paid parental leave to remain loyal.

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